When we bought our house in September, we had a big list of things we wanted to do to it.  It is only 11 years old, but the original and only owner did not love it.  He left the wretched flat builder’s paint everywhere.  He put up Ikea lighting.  He punched holes into every last goddamn wall.

The lighting was the first thing to go.  We updated the hardware.  But the painting — what to do about the painting?

They dragged their feet moving out, so we didn’t get a chance to do anything before we moved in.  So we just waited to figure out what we wanted to do.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning.  I has queued this pulp cover on my Tumblr, and Fo and I spent some time talking about how much we liked it.

"It would make a great mural," I said idly.

And twenty minutes later, we were at the store buying paint.

Our awkward hallway just became my favorite part of my house.

My wife is amazing.

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Happy 125th Birthday to my favorite writer Raymond Chandler!  

I needed a drink, I needed a lot of life insurance, I needed a vacation, I needed a home in the country. What I had was a coat, a hat and a gun. I put them on and went out of the room.” 

― Raymond ChandlerFarewell, My Lovely

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